LAGRE MICRO studio 北参道 解約依頼フォーム / Membership Cancellation Request Form


Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our studio. If you wish to cancel your membership, please fill out the following form by the 15th of the month prior to the end of your usage period. We would also appreciate it if you could answer the questionnaire to help us improve our services in the future. Please note that when you cancel your plan, any remaining rollover sessions you have at that time will also become invalid.

    名前(必須) / Name (Required)

    お電話番号(必須) / Phone Number (Required)

    メールアドレス(必須) / Email Address (Required)

    1. 解約の主な理由は何ですか?(必須)/ What is the main reason for your cancellation? (Required)

    2. 1で「その他(具体的に)」と回答された場合、具体的な内容を教えてください。(自由記述)/ If you answered "Other" in question 1, please provide details. (Optional)

    3. 当社のサービスで改善してほしい点はありますか?(必須)/ Are there any areas of our service that you would like us to improve? (Required)

    4. 3で「はい」と回答された場合、具体的な内容を教えてください。(自由記述)/ If you answered "Yes" in question 2, please provide details. (Optional)

    5. 当社のサービスの中で特に良かった点はありますか?(自由記述)/ Are there any aspects of our service that you found particularly good? (Optional)

    6. 将来的に、再度ご利用いただける可能性はありますか?(必須)/ Is there a possibility that you will use our services again in the future? (Required)

    7. 再度利用を検討するためには、どのような改善が必要だと感じますか?(自由記述)/ What improvements do you feel are necessary for you to consider using our services again? (Optional)

    8. その他、当社に対して他に何かご意見や提案がありましたら、ご自由にお書きください。(自由記述)/ If you have any other comments or suggestions for us, please feel free to write them here. (Optional)

    送信前に必ずプライバシーポリシーをご確認ください。/ Please review the privacy policy before submitting.