Lagree Fitness will strengthen, tighten, and tone your body quickly and safely. The workout will leave your muscles shaking, sweaty, and sore the next day. We are offering small group Lagree Fitness lessons, with 5 to 9 participants workouts.

If it’s your first time using the Micro, don’t worry – you can enjoy the same exercises you’ve done with the Mega, such as the Wheelbarrow, Bear, Elevator Lunge, Escalator Lunge, etc. After a 40-minute lesson, we can guarantee that you will feel the same results as with the Mega. ***Lessons are held in Japanese with English language support provided.

What is the Micro?

The Micro is a compact, lightweight, full-body workout machine designed for Lagree Fitness.

Why do people choose the LAGREE MICRO studio?

1. All of our instructors are certified Lagree Fitness instructors.

2. You can feel the following benefits during our 40 minutes together.






3. You can discover the most effective form for you through our workout modifications.

Maximum of 5-9 participants
with thorough form corrections!
Feel free to join!

Lagree vs pilates

Since its birth, Lagree Fitness has distinguished itself from every form of exercise, including pilates, which lacks intensity. Lagree uses tried and proven bodybuilding training techniques not found in pilates. The combination of these bodybuilding techniques with low-impact exercises, which are fundamental to Lagree Fitness, directly translates to fast results. While pilates is based on breathing, concentration, control, centering, flow postural alignment, and precision, Lagree Fitness is fundamentally based on the following: effective Form, effective range of motion, effective tempo, effective duration, effective tension, effective transition, and effective plane of motion. 


1. Set up

 The Lesson starts out with our instructors ensuring you have effective form.

2. Shake, Sweat and Sore

 You feel the 3 S’s during your 40 minutes.

3. Cool down

After 40 minutes, you can feel free to rest your muscles.


skill level: ●●●●○

The workout includes the elements of muscle strengthening, endurance, aerobic fitness, core strength, balance, and flexibility, providing you with a well-balanced workout for the entire body. 40 minutes of continuous exercise will help you build a toned body.

LAGREE TOTAL BODY -for beginners

skill level: ●●○○○

This class involves careful instruction of beginner level exercises. These exercises allow you to practice effective muscle strengthening, endurance, aerobic fitness, core strength, balance, and flexibility, all while using proper form. Recommended for those who are just starting out, are new to exercise, or are not used to our program.

Lagree Total body (Hips)

skill level: ●●●○○

This is a full-body training class centered around strengthening the hips (glutes). The gluteal muscles play an important role in keeping the body upright and maintaining good posture, which not only improves the appearance of your figure, but also enhances your performance in daily life.

Stretch with Micro

skill level: ●○○○○

This class involves the use of machines in order to deeply stretch your muscles. By expanding your range of motion, you can even improve the precision of your exercises in our regular classes. We would especially recommend this class to those who are feeling stiff or want to relax.




What are your workout goals? I will support you in achieving your goals with Lagree Fitness and communicate with you interactively.



My strength is being able to cultivate a desire for challenge and a sense of accomplishment in my clients throughout our lessons. I also love music, so I think it’s essential for me to create a good playlist that lifts everyone’s energy.


For Beginners or Residents

Take a Beginner Lesson with a Trial Ticket

Trial Ticket

2,200 yen

Sign up for a monthly membership plan


Admission Fee 33,000 yen

*Classes are available on weekdays(9am to 6pm), excluding weekends and holidays.

4 times per month * 15,400 yen /month
4 times per month 17,600 yen/month
8 times per month * 22,440 yen /month
8 times per month 24,640 yen/month
unlimited 35,200 yen/month

Please ask our staff about our special campaign!

For Travelers who are already familiar with Lagree Fitness

Take a regular lesson with a drop-in ticket or 2-WEEKS PASS

*drop-in ticket is valid for 1 month. 


ONE CLASS7,700 yen
3 PACK17,600 yen
2-WEEKS PASS35,200 yen

Trial fee

2,200 yen

*only for the beginner class


4 times per month * 15,400 yen /month
4 times per month 17,600 yen/month
8 times per month * 22,440 yen /month
8 times per month 24,640 yen/month
unlimited 35,200 yen/month

*weekday daytime (9:00-18:00) only


ONE CLASS 7,700 yen
2 WEEKS PASS 24,640 yen


LAGREE MICRO studio Azabu-juban

2F OTM Bldg. 2-3-8, Azabu-juban, Minato-ku,
Tokyo,Japan 〒106-0045

LAGREE MICRO studio Kitasando

410, The 25th Apartment, 3-13-22,Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 〒151-0051


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in the studio!